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Make sure valuable customers see your advertisements!

Valpak targets your best potential customers with planned advertising solutions in Rochester, NY. We have done business with hair salons, spas, and more. Call us to learn more 585-586-6410.

We build the customer relationships you have, and we bring you new ones.

Targeted Direct Mail

Valpak can identify your target audience by demographics such as location, gender, age and more. We work with you to identify and meet your business goals through effective marketing to get you the best ROI and bring in new customers. Finding your target audience is essential for accurate and effective advertising. We can also predict how responsive consumers will interact with your brand, and turn those consumers into customers. We mail in zones by zipcode to those that are most likely to respond to your ad. Valpak Rochester is your source for effective local advertising. The Valpak homes we mail to are middle class families with disposable income and we can build those responsive family members into leads. See our mailing zones in Rochester, NY.

Reward Loyalty

Valpak's Blue Envelope contains B2C advertisements. We have the ability to target specific audiences based on their current relationship with your business. Customers who do business with you can be offered promotions to reward loyalty. In their envelope you could include special offers for a pedicure or a percentage off their next spa package. Alternatively, we offer you the ability to market to customers in the same area that haven't been into your salon or office yet. Then you can start building a relationship with them. Our extensive coverage of the Rochester, NY area allows you to reach more consumers and build your business. Learn more about our Smart Envelope.

New customers are valuable because they often become long-term customers. Valpak helps your customers to keep coming back. We also maintain the value of current customers by offering incentives through deals in the mail and online offers.

See an example of a profile page for a local Rochester, NY business. Having your business on gets your business on the radar of inquiring consumers. When someone does a Google search for a spa or salon in Rochester, NY Valpak can help your business appear in the results. 


Keep track of your advertising investments in Rochester, NY with our real-time tracking dashboard. See your customers grow as we bring in new business for you. You have access to the results and can see for yourself what your advertising dollars are doing. Then you can adjust your budget accordingly. See our real-time dashboard.

Social Media

Valpak can spread the word about your business on Social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook. If you have a manicure or haircut promotion going on we can let your fans know on these channels for a quick response rate. Social Media is a more intimate way of communicating with your customer base because your company is essentially speaking to the people directly. We have experience building customer relationships on Social Media and can help you with your social media management.

See what Jason has to say about Valpak

"Valpak is a very comprehensive package, so we’re able to do not just the print ad, but we can also do online marketing, Facebook ads, Google AdWords. They’ve been able to help us across the board." - Jason Folb, LaVida Massage