valpak rochester direct mail products

We deliver your message effectively to homes in your area.

Valpak Rochester has a variety of direct mail products that we mail in our envelope. We can help you as a business select which product best fits your advertising needs to drive consumers to your website, your social media, and your business as a whole. We specialize in local targeted advertising in the Rochester, NY area where we reach the consumers most likely to engage with your business.




"High End, Packed Billboard"

7.9169" x 3" - Printed to size

Targeted direct mail in this size acts as a quick message out to your Rochester, NY consumer. A call to action stands out on this piece, with a clear message. These pieces keep it simple and to the point. Here are some examples of our direct mail products for the following Rochester, NY companies: Ace Carpet Cleaning, Umi Japanese Steakhouse, Wonder Windows™, and Pontillo's Pizzeria in Irondequoit, NY. Your targeted ad can include solutions for tracking your advertising such as call tracking, unique websites, and coupon codes. Then you can see how these ads perform to better know which advertising will work best for you. Valpak Rochester will help you with your local advertising efforts to bring in the consumers you want. We reach those consumers most likely to take action in the community for your business. We build quality leads and start the conversation that engages you and your local Rochester audience.


"More Real Estate For Your Message"

7.9169" x 6.25" - Printed to size

This targeted direct mail is a great way to get into more detail about your business’ product or service. Because the size is twice that of the "High End, Packed Billboard," you have a lot more space to expand on your advertising message. You could include more offers for your business, expand on your menu items, your home services, include some client testimonials or imagery and really create a nice visual package for reaching your local Rochester community. This is an especially advantageous option for home improvement companies and restaurants. A business in the home improvement category can showcase images of their projects/products and go more into detail on their offers and services. Restaurants can use this size piece to expand on their menu options show pictures of their delicious food. Quality food images successfully entice the consumer's appetite. Twice as much content can be presented to the consumer with the 2 panel direct mail option. Reach your targeted local Rochester, NY audience with advertised promotions to draw them in. See left some of our two panel direct mail products for Joe's Brooklyn Pizza and Skip's On The Ridge in Rochester, NY.


"Plus One"

8.5" x 5.5" - Printed to size

PlusOne is a pivotal new direct mail postcard that began arriving in Rochester NY homes this year. Mailed monthly to a total of 190,000 in the Rochester area. We offer a professionally designed postcard delivered to zones of 10,000 highly qualified homes in your choice of nineteen mailing zones in the Greater Rochester Area. Combined with Valpak’s targeted households, PlusOne direct mail postcard provides advertisers an additional channel to reach consumers in their mailbox to realize increases in response and ROI.

8 Key Benefits of Using Targeted Direct Mail Postcards


  • Affordable – From creative and artwork to list and mailing, everything is included.
  • Exclusivity – The direct mail postcard is 100% branded to you.
  • Inventory – Limited inventory – Availability is first come, first served.
  • Lead Time – 2 weeks vs. 6-8 weeks for most competitor postcards.
  • Mail Moment – Arrives separate from the envelope for a more personal mail moment.
  • Response – Phone and URL tracking capabilities track consumer response.
  • Targeted – Mails to the same targeted households as the Blue Envelope.
  • Trackable – PlusOne and the Blue Envelope are each fully addressed and barcoded.
  • Personalized – Addressed to the household for up to 18% higher readership. 


Call us today at 585-586-6410 to find out more and explore the possibilities of your own PlusOne program.



"Brochure/Full Menu"

10" x 7.9169" (horizontal or vertical) - Printed to size

A flyer is a great way to present special events or grand openings to the consumer. These are big and attention-grabbing 8.5" x 11" advertisements. This is beneficial for advertising store/business openings or for promoting big sale events. It is like taking your "Grand Opening" banner and putting it in everyone's mailbox. They will be informed about your offers and the opening of your business. It's a great way to introduce yourself to the Rochester community. If you've already been in business awhile, it is a great way to engage with your local customers through their mailbox. It's a physical item they can take inside and keep in their house or on their refrigerator. They are also a great option for restaurants, who can send out trifold take-out menus. Many consumers find these menus are convenient to keep on hand, and use them to place take-out orders at local restaurants. There is also a good amount of space for those important food pictures that wet the appetite. See right our vertical menu flyer for Ken's Pizza Corner, and horizontal tri-fold flyer for Rainbow Wok's menu.


"Business Booklet"

7.9169" x 6.5" - Printed to Size, in booklets of 8, 12, or 16 pages

These booklets have multiple pages all enclosed into one booklet. They can include advertisements for multiple Rochester, NY businesses or exclusive pages for one business in particular. For instance, a July booklet could be full of advertisements for things to do in Rochester, NY in Summer. This circular would be full of different activities to do in the summer in Rochester, highlighting specific summer deals for local businesses. During a holiday time your business could be included in a booklet for specifically holiday-themed deals. Another option is to have the booklet be exclusively about your business. The multiple pages can be used to show imagery of your products or services and go into more specific details about the deals you are offering. If you were a store offering a series of mail-in-rebates, or a huge sale with lots of items being showcased, this would be the type of advertisement for you. Direct mail is a good way to showcase big sales or several key products/services. There is a lot of space to go into further detail on pricing and offers and specifics on services. See right some examples of our booklets for Rochester, NY.


"Storyboard of Your Business"

16" x 10" - Printed to Size

These larger mail pieces are folded down like a normal sized ad, but they open up to a large 11x17 flyer. They are a good way to display a lot of information about your business’ products and services. Here is an example of our holiday retail mailer. If you had a lot to say about your big sale or had many photos you wanted to share of your products this would be a good way to do so. It is different than the booklets in that it is one large advertisement instead of a booklet that consumers can flip through. Show larger detailed items or go into detail about those items. You could do menus this way as well. 

Call us today for more details on any of these Valpak direct mail products for advertising in the Rochester, NY area. Call 585-586-6410.