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  • Social Media allows Rochester, NY businesses to expand their reach to consumers and cultivate a fan base
  • Larger audience (by the hundreds and thousands) for advertising and marketing
  • More immediate contact with fans/potential fans
  • The ability to close the gap between the business and the consumer by opening communication in a personable manner
  • Allows businesses to see what their customers are interested in
  • Gives you insight into your audience to better reach them in other online platforms, and offline
  • Allows the sharing of interesting and relatable content with one’s customer base
  • Connect with other local Rochester, NY businesses and get ideas for improving your own business
  • Gives you more presence online, and increases your credibility
  • Connects people of different nations and regions into once place
  • Monitor marketing progress in real-time way
  • Gets the business involved in the conversation

Social Media Management

Top 10 Ideas for Promoting Your Business on Social Media

1. Create an Events Tab

Providing your followers with your current or upcoming events is a great way to remind and encourage them to attend and ultimately get involved with your business.

2. Use a Video

Videos can help pull viewers in and increase your traffic as they are interactive and engaging content. A 10-15 second video is long enough with 2-3 minutes being the maximum.

3. Utilize Call-to-Action (CTA) Regularly

Provide an actionable task to encourage your audience to share, like, and engage. Fit CTAs into your content naturally and aim to be as genuine, creative, and original as possible.

4. Reply to and Engage with Fans

Take the time to engage with followers and fans by re-sharing user generated content or answering questions. This is a great way to show your audience that you care about what they have to say.

5. Optimize Posting Timing & Frequency

Schedule important or potentially engaging posts around the times when most of your audience is active. Always be testing, experimenting, iterating, and improving in order to find the balance between providing valuable information without going overboard.

6. Provide Value

It is important to create content that benefits your followers such as posting tips and tricks, providing information on a new product or service, offering special deals or showing a behind the scenes look at your company all deliver a sense of value for your fans.

7. Share User Generated Content

Some of the best free advertising you can get is sharing the photos your audience sends you featuring your products or your services.

8. Ask Conversation Starter Questions

Most people often want to share their opinions, so ask your fans or followers to weigh in on topics that are relevant to not only what is interesting to them, but also your business.

9. Contests and Giveaway

Contests inspire your audience to reach out and interact with your brand while also helping increase your ability to connect and build relationships with your audience.

10. Get Employees Involved

Sharing pictures of your company culture showcases experience and value or with the help of your loyal staff, you can encourage them to promote specific and tailored messages for your business with the use of branded items.