Reach further. is the source of thousands of coupons, both local and nationwide. It is a huge advantage for your business to be on because that makes your business visible to consumers searching for specific products and services in your local area. Consumers can go online to and access menus or coupons your company offers to redeem via mobile device, tablet or desktop computer where they can be printed.

One of the greatest things about Valpak is the variety of businesses that advertise their services and products on The categories include home improvement, auto, restaurants, health and beauty, personal services, and entertainment. The consumer has access to menus, videos and weblinks which can all be included on your businesses micro-site (mini website) within the site. You will also gain exposure with the other local businesses in Rochester, NY that have marketed their products, goods and services on

Valpak of Rochester, NY is your digital expert when it comes to increasing your business exposure on the web. See below an example of a microsite within


You can see the featured offers, a marketing message about their business services, photos, their location, and quick links to sources with more information such as their website and Facebook page. Your page would look similar to this. When someone searches on Valpak for retail stores in the Rochester, NY area, your store might come up. Or if they search for auto services in the Rochester, NY area, your auto dealership might come up, and so on. Then people learn a little about you and can easily access your offers on the go or from home. is an important tool for advertising your business.