Take it with you.

take out menu design valpak rochester When you own a restaurant, you will find that some people like to come and eat-in, and others prefer to take their food and go. For convenience, rather than just having a menu at each table, you could also provide take-out menus that can be displayed on on your website. These menus could also be posted on doors and left for people to collect as they leave so that they know what they want to order next time. Having restaurant take-out menus will also help reduce the amount of people you have in the restaurant at busy times when the front desk can get crowded. You can still have menus printed on the board and at tables, and with the addition of restaurant take-out menus, people can take you with them when they leave and read the menu at home at their own leisure before placing their next order. Or, they can simply view the menu before coming to know exactly what they want, and eliminate the “not knowing what they want” when they get there.

Eye Catching Menus To Read In Or Take Away

menu graphic design valpak rochester ny

At Valpak Rochester we can do custom menu designs to provide you with bright eye-catching menus that will stand out in the drawer or on the table that people keep their menus. For example, if you have a special promotion for new customers you can have the offers sent out automatically in the Blue Envelope specifically to your region to increase awareness of your business. Those consumers that already do know about you will be given a reminder once a month in the envelope, just in time for payday. You will be fresh on their minds as a place to try or revisit. These take-out menus can be sent in our envelope along with the other ads, and we have a variety of sizes to choose from that will fit our envelope. By mailing in our envelope you put your menu right in their hands.


With take-out menus, you can share all of your information in a way that is brief and straight to the point so that people can receive an overview of the services you provide, as well as your food items. These services could include delivery service, online booking, and acceptance of all major credit/debit cards. The menu is a way to inform them of these things in addition to piquing their interest. You can even add a QR code or barcode to your menu so that customers are able to get straight to your website without having to type the address into their handheld device.

One way to optimize the take-out menus is to distribute them as part of a promotion you are running. You can update the offers each time you mail or post it online or in your restaurant. If you wish to add money off discounts it will help bring in new customers or reward longer standing customers for their loyalty. By mailing the menu with a promotion or coupon you tie an opportunity for savings directly to the items they can save money on, thereby solidifying the deal.

Photographs Of Your Best Sellersmenu pictures valpak rochester

Show detailed pictures of your best-selling dishes to whet the appetite of customers as they read through your menu. No matter how long or short you wish your restaurant take out menu to be, we will be able to meet your needs. People often make decisions of what they would like to eat based on the pictures they see of the food. If you have quality photos of your best dishes, that entices them to come and try it. Pictures have a great success rate for drawing attention and are successful in engaging customers.

Other Marketing Solutions

We offer a whole host of marketing solution for your restaurant from optimized website design and content to graphic design for your website, to an online ordering platform for added convenience. We will even help you target your website traffic so that the people who are looking for a restaurant like yours can find you easily. If you have your own website, our online payment platform can free up your phonelines and customers can order from their computer or mobile device. This ensures you have payment right away before making any deliveries or having to worry whether a potential customer will show up.