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Creative + Data = Social Media Success

Valpak Rochester offers Social Media Management services for our clients, as well as strategic planning for social media promotions. We combine the data of statistics with the creativity of visual graphics to create successful, high performing ads for your business. We use data, images, video, and text to target the right consumers and maximize your ROI in Social Media. Proven data combined with creative graphics causes consumer conversion for your business.

The New "TV" is YouTube, SnapChat, FB Watch, and Instagram

5 Strategies for Social Media to Connect with Your Customers:

1. It's Where Customers Are

2. It's the Proof of the Buying Process

3. New Referral Program - Who they Buy from

4. Brand Awareness

5. You have to Invest in it

Whoever is closest to the Customer Wins. Your business will have most success marketing where your customers are. Most customers are online and can be reached online through effective digital advertising. Social media is just one of these digital advertising tools. We know how to advertise on the platforms below and reach your target audiences, increase brand awareness, and optimize your web presence by integrating social media with your website.


  • Valpak FacebookA free social media site which can be accessed from a desktop and any smartphone app
  • Business fan pages on Facebook allows you to boost posts, check analytics, and pre plan posts
  • A Facebook page allows businesses to be able to connect with customers on a personal level as well as connecting with future customers in order to be able to better understand their interests and show them what your business has to offer
  • Advertising on Facebook allows you to promote websites, products, services, and more, to the people who are most likely to use them.
  • Creating targeted Facebook ads can bring new users to your business page to learn about your products
  • Businesses can target specific populations and pick a campaign which fits their budget
  • You have a variety of options to chose from on where to display ads
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  • Valpak Twitter A free social media site with over 600 million active users which can be accessed from a desktop and any smart phone app
  • Allows you up to 140 character to send short messages to your customers in order to connect with them
  • A business twitter allows businesses to measure engagement, analyze, and optimize
  • The follower dashboard on twitter allows businesses to learn about their followers and what else they are engaged in
  • Follow Valpak of Rochester's Twitter Page


  • A social media app which can only be accessed through the smart phone app
  • Allows you to connect with your customers through pictures which they can like and comment on
  • Allows filters and effects on pictures
  • There can also be picture contests in order to get consumers involved with businesses
  • Through this app businesses can also connect with their Facebook followers


  • LinkedIn ValpakA social network service that is business oriented with over 259 million users
  • Can be accessed from any type of device that has internet/wifi
  • Allows businesses to make a profile and connect with clients
  • Based off of your profile and connections it makes suggestions for you about who else to connect with from other business clients to consumer clients
  • Allows businesses the opportunity for professional networking
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