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Valpak Rochester's direct mail advertisements are due in-office about two weeks before they are expected to arrive in homes, and our blue envelope goes out monthly. Businesses in the Rochester, NY area can mail one month or several throughout the year, but the best rate of return is seen with consistent mailings. Valpak Rochester can help make recommendations for when to mail, how often, and what offers to promote. For instance, if a company has a big sale coming up, they could mail ahead to generate hype for the sale and highlight specific offers. If there is a busy season for a company, that would be the time to mail more frequently. We work with you to create the best leads while keeping the lead cost low to maximize ROI. 
See below for our 2021 direct mail dates.


2021 In-Home Dates 2021 Ad-Copy Due

Feb 9-11

January 20

Mar 9-11

February 17

Apr 13-15

March 24

May 11-13

April 21

Jun 8-10

May 18

Jul 13-15

June 22

Aug 10-11

July 21

Sep 7-9

August 18

Oct 12-14

September 22

Nov 9-11

October 20

Dec 6-8

November 12



Our Direct Mail Zones