Grooming Your Leads for Vet and Pet Service Advertising

2018 Vet & Pet
Market Trends

2017 Vet & Pet
Market Trends

Estimated $72.13 billion will be spent by consumers on pets

$17.07 billion spent on Vet Care
$6.47 billion on other services like grooming $6.16 billion on other services
68% of US households own a pet, 84.6 million homes based
on 2017-2018 APAA National Pet owners survey

As you can see from the chart above, the industry is growing for veterinary services and specialized pet services. The question is, are you doing everything you can to market your services?

Based on an APAA survey conducted for the 2017-2018 year, 68% of U.S households own a pet. Many of those households consider their pets to be part of the family, and thus spend a good deal of care on them. Because of this, millions of pet owners in the U.S are spending more money on pet care and grooming services than ever before.

In the Rochester, NY area especially, pet care & grooming is a growing industry as there are many businesses located throughout the area. These businesses include both mobile and brick and mortar pet grooming (which includes trimming, shaving, washing, styling), supervised pet care during the day, kennels for pets to board for longer periods of time, dog parks, veterinary services (which include pet check-ups, dental work, shots, spaying and neutering), and animal hospitals. The competition is growing...are you?

Valpak is a valuable resource for spreading the message about your veterinarian pet service to potential consumers. We help you reach 2-legged consumers, who bring in their 4-legged friends. With more than half of American households containing some kind of pet, it's a great market in which to advertise. We offer a variety of products from targeted local direct mail advertising, to digital advertising such as social media marketing, display ads, Google AdWords, website design and more.

Targeted, Local Direct Mail Advertising

We mail 11 times a year, anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 homes depending on the reach you would like. See our Mail dates and zones here. We offer direct mail advertising in the Rochester, NY market through our Blue Envelope, which is comprised of B2C advertising (Business to Consumer) from companies offering products and services. We also offer direct mail advertising which can include custom mailing lists, custom graphics, and showcase your services directly at your consumer's doorstep. For more details please contact us by calling 585-586-6410. Click here to see a list of our direct mail products.

A Proper Website

Where will your consumers go next? Direct Mail is great, but will the conversation stop there? By having a proper website you can showcase your products and services to consumers and potential customers. When they get that postcard and flyer and find out how great you are, there are two things that will happen. They will either go to your website to learn more about you, or give you a call. Many consumers opt to do an internet search for you, or go directly to your website because it is a convenient way of finding out more about your business without yet being obligated. By having a website, you've lengthened the conversation with your consumer and given yourself the space to communicate more about your business. You can also reach more people this way, since your business will appear in related search results.

Stay Relevant to Consumers

By mailing regularly you reduce "friction to conversion," (or resistance to performing the action you want them to take), which means you stay relevant and remind your customers about your business. A conversion is the desired action you want your consumer to take. If you want them to book appointments, then the conversion would be if they call your business or visiting your website. On average our clients see the greatest results when they mail consistently in our envelope. Regular monthly mailings help you stay relevant. 

Since pets require regular care, the potential for retargeting your customers and maintaining their patronage is in your favor. If you know it's been awhile since a customer brought their pet in for routine pet grooming or care, you could send them an email reminding them to come in or offer them a discount on that service. Grooming is an ongoing service so consistent advertising in this way helps you stay relevant. For vets, you can get new customers through the door by starting the conversation with them through direct mail or digital advertising. No matter your product or service, Valpak helps you start that conversation and build loyal customer relationships.