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77% of Millennials pay attention to Targeted Direct Mail.

(1) So what does this mean as a business owner? It means your direct mail campaigns bring a return on your investment. We are an expert at targeting your audience. We use statistical data and demographics, not to mention utilizing years of experience to successfully target your audience and convert consumers to quality leads. When you mail in our Blue Envelope, your carefully targeted audience will open their mail and see your advertisement. New statistics show that millennials respond to direct mail more than their Baby Boomer and Gen X counterparts.

(1) Learn more about how Millennials are responding to direct mail:

We reach your audience at the right time in the right place.

We can guide you to reach your advertising goals and grow your business by striking your audience at just the right time. We can help you determine when to mail, how many homes to mail to generate the best ROI, and what content will appeal to your audience. We combine our knowledge and experience with the Rochester market along with your business expertise to build excellent, targeted advertising strategies. When Millennials do internet searches to find a solution to their relevant problem, we can make sure your business shows up in the results. We help you reach them where they are at, on the platforms they frequent such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Put your dollars to the best use with Valpak.

We know your advertising budget defines your resources. We help you keep the lead cost low while generating a high number of leads. With direct mail you can see significant results among millennials. We mail by geographic regions in Rochester, NY for anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 homes depending on your budget and audience. Join our envelope today for better results with targeted local direct mail in Rochester, NY.

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