roc sandy relief logo rochester nyAt the end of 2012, Hurricane Sandy ravaged downstate NY. Many were without power, had their homes and businesses flooded, and had nowhere to go. Their lives had turned upsidedown, they were in danger, and they were in dire need.

Chris and Kathleen Jacobs received the 2013 VFA Legacy Award after working tirelessly to bring relief to those being crushed by the weight of this disaster. They were able to take the word "community" to a new definition. Using their connections in the Rochester, NY area with some of their local clients, they were able to collect several trucks worth of donations including food items and basic necessities to deliver to Staten Island. Some of these items included cleaning supplies, masks, tools, toiletries, flashlights, batteries, plastic bins, packing tape, under garments, outwear, boots, hand warmers, head lamps, diapers and baby supplies. 

Many volunteered time, effort, money, and sacrificed to provide for those suffering in this hugely impacted area. For this, Valpak of Rochester is very grateful. Valpak of Rochester coordinated with Valpak of Staten Island to provide relief for the hardest hit areas, which included NY’s Breezy Point, Rockaway, and Staten Island. Their efforts included building a base to aid the entire tri-state area, with a site for donation drop offs. Valpak directed its advertising efforts toward raising awareness and gathering support during this time. There was a RocSandyRelief Facebook group, letters went out, phone calls were made, drop-offs were scheduled (or unscheduled), even a Pinterest page was created to document progress. This was a time to focus on those in need. While in Rochester, NY we didn't experience too much unordinary weather (for Rochester), those downstate were hit hard. Valpak of Rochester was blessed to be able to help in this extremely worthy cause. 

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