Sit, stay awhile.

When you are trying to run a busy restaurant or café, the last thing you want is a major influx of customers all trying to look at the menu behind the front desk.  This creates a traffic jam of people and causes confusion about who is next in line. It’s easier to get the customers seated and provide them each with menus for them to look through at their own pace without feeling rushed or put on the spot. Additionally, having a visual menu, especially with photographs are more likely spur people on to order additional food and helps them decide more quickly what they want. Things they may not have previously known were available can all be included. Some restaurants even like to have a wine menu with a description as to where each wine comes from and the taste the consumers are likely to expect. Not everyone knows what the fancy names mean but a menu will allow them to pick something they like without taking up the staffs valuable time during peak hours.

Different Varieties Available

The restaurant menus provided by Valpak Rochester can be created in a standard, gloss, matt or laminated form and can be printed on both sides to save the customer from having to leaf through a book to find out what they want to eat. You can have the menu displayed and ready for the customer in whatever way you want. You can choose whether it’s in full color, and whether it contains photographs of your best dishes

Durable for longevity

The sit down table menus should be more durable than the take-out menus because many people will be handling them, and possibly spilling food and drinks on them. With disposable menus this would cause you to replenish the table with fresh menus often, or risk handing out dirty menus that could ruin your reputation. With durable, protected menus this is not an issue.

Suitable for All Eateries

We can create table menus for a whole host of eateries from hotels, bars and cafes to restaurants and hotels while incorporating your logo and branding wherever needed. As the menus come laminated or encapsulated, the restaurant table menus are more hygienic than their counterparts as they can easily be wiped clean. They will be printed on premium cardstock for longevity and they can come either flat or pre folded/creased in a variety of ways to suit your preferences. With this pre-folding option you can get them out on your tables faster than ever before.


Sit down table menus are great for bigger parties to stop them from congregating around the main desk. The menus can showcase your appetizers, entrees and deserts or you can have different menus to depict different options available throughout the day. For instance, some restaurants will put out their breakfast menu until lunch time and then swap out the menus on the tables for the lunch menus.

Language Barriers

In restaurants where foreign food is served it can often be a great convenience to have a menu at each table as the foods can be printed in the native language of the customers. They will know exactly what they are getting before ordering so there will be less chance of the food being returned, and they can know what to expect when their plate comes. An additional benefit of table menus is that you can include information about specific dishes that might be vegetarian or vegan, or gluten-free. Then there is less worry for people with dietary restrictions or choices because they will know which meals they can eat. They won’t have to ask for the vegetarian or vegan option because they will all be clearly laid out in the menu. Having sit down table menus shows professionalism, and can save your staff time, and save the restaurant money by having more permanent menu solutions.