Get to know your visitors.

Move from consumer-driven advertising to customer-driven advertising with WiFi Marketing. Valpak of Rochester can help you use your company WiFi to learn more about your customers using targeted advertising through their devices. Engage with them by starting a relationship as soon as they link to your WiFi. You can track the frequency of their visits by recognizing their device each time. Then, you can offer rewards for their patronage. For instance, if a customer has not been in your coffee shop recently, send them a message with an offer for a free coffee next time they stop in. Then they can come in and show you the message and redeem the offer. We can help your Rochester, NY business utilize your WiFi services in the best way.

Valpak Rochester can help you manage your WiFi with our WiFi marketing system. Free WiFi for your consumers allows them to use your WiFi at their leisure while at your location. Easy for you and for the consumer.


• WiFi sessions can be terminated automatically and set for specified durations

• Keep business flowing and turn more tables with specified session durations

• No password required, but system is secure

• Customers can access your WiFi easily without you giving up something valuable like a password. Our system is still secure, but is more accessible to your consumers

• Control signal strength and distance - makes it accessable for your clients only

• Manage your bandwidth - keep people from excessively uploading and downloading data, which frees up your bandwidth to be shared among customers