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no one left behind

At Valpak of Rochester, we are committed to benefiting organizations like No One Left Behind who strive to make a difference. NOLB was founded by Matt Zeller and there are several locations in the US including San Francisco, Rochester, Boston, Chicago, Denver, and San Diego. Valpak’s effort to support this cause has helped allied immigrants settle in the US after their service to US forces in foreign countries. Valpak of Rochester succeeded in securing at least four jobs for these immigrants entering the work field, and aided in providing them with common things we might take for granted such as furniture and clothing. These are things they may not be able to bring with them on their trip to the US.

Specifically, we would like to thank one of our clients, Stanley Steemer for hiring these heroes. By giving them the opportunity for employment, Stanley Steemer has made a difference in the lives of these individuals. Although Stanley Steemer is most known for carpet cleaning, they also have divisions dedicated to cleaning hardwood floors, upholstery, and tile and grout.

Our US forces overseas would be at a severe disadvantage without the aid of these courageous Iraqi and Afghan interpreters. These men and women are extremely valuable assets in war-torn situations. Not only do they open a dialogue of communication between the US and people in foreign countries, but they become friends and allies, sometimes risking everything to help. They deserve our support as a country and a community. Your neighbor may have very well risked their life for you. Valpak of Rochester is dedicated to helping these amazing people. You too can help by providing support in the form of a donation or volunteering your time.

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