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Restaurant Websites Made Simple


Our solutions for your restaurant’s online presence include…

  • Complete website design
  • Mobile platforms for viewing on smartphones and tablets 
  • Online ordering hosted on your restaurant's site
  • Credit card processing with directly deposited funds into the bank account of your choosing
  • Registry of all email addresses used for online orders and reservations
  • All these solutions and more for Only $99 a month, no set up fee!


See How It Works


Valpak of Rochester is now offering business owners the ability to integrate an online ordering platform or "online ordering system" into their existing website. This allows the consumer to order food and pay online through a secure site. If you own a restaurant for instance, your customers can go online and order their pizza and wings, which saves time by providing your customer with a more convenient way to order. at Valpak Rochester we do business with a variety of pizza companies that use online pizza ordering sytems and have had success in customers using this online food ordering platform. Perhaps your restaurant could benefit from this too. At Valpak Rochester we can offer you the best online ordering system for your restaurant. Our online ordering solution creates fast and easy ways for customers to order their food online. Instead of calling in, your customers could go online if they simply want to place an order and they could select the food items they desire and submit it online. We do online fast food ordering systems too. This simple online ordering system will save you time and energy. Since the majority of internet searches now happen on mobile devices, when a consumer searches for your pizzeria, restaurant, or fast food place, the online ordering platform will be abailable to them, and quickly presents a way to meet their need. People like convenience, and our service for ordering online is definitely convenient. Web ordering systems are on the rise, and it's a great service to take advantage of to keep up with your competition. 

If you're looking for competitive restaurant advertising strategies we can help! You as the business owner own and control all the back end data, for the online web ordering system which you could then use to remarket to your consumers. This is a great way to streamline your business and free up some of your phone lines. Our electronic online ordering system is safe and reliable. Order your food online with the ease of clicking a few buttons. We'll help you get the best results and drive more consumers to your website as well as prompting them to order online. The online ordering system is consistent with your online menu so people can look at your website menu and use an online coupon code to save on their online food order with your company. Prompting them by presenting this online coupon code or a discount for their first online order is an added incentive for them to purchase online. Contact Valpak Rochester today to speak to someone about online ordering systems and creating an online menu for your customers.

Online Ordering

  • Customers will place their orders without leaving your website
  • You have the ability to manage their orders on a backend screen

Secure Site Management

  • Secure login access to the backend site
  • Easily update settings, menus, pages etc.

Mobile Ready Site

  • Mobile-ready site adjusts to the device being used
  • Adapts design to be easy to use on any interface