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We get your ads in front of consumers.

targetDisplay advertising is an easy and effective way to get your marketing messages seen by local Rochester, NY consumers on the internet. Display advertisements are banner ads displayed on a website that can be in the form of text, graphics, video, or a combination such a rich media. Each display advertisement can be reached among qualified IP addresses. Display ads are target-ready. Factors such as demographics, geographic location, behavioral patterns and socioeconomics are among the main factors that determine whom to target with each online advertisement. There are over 26 million sub zip code level zones to be reached with on average about 600 zones per zip code, and roughly 15 people per qualified IP address.

Track it.

Display advertisements could have both a call tracking and a URL tracking number. You can keep track of the performance of your display ads, measuring elements such as clicks, impressions, and conversions to determine your ROI. For any small business owner, it is important to understand how to execute your future display advertisements effectively. With so many businesses competing for the same consumers, ensuring that your business is equipped with targeted display ads is crucial to making your business stand out in the online crowd.

We have a custom graphics department that will ensure your ad is branded, and that the creative will be effective. Let us handle the design while you focus on what you do best. We can get you the advertising ROI that you want. Targeted display ads are a great way to reach your consumers easily online. If you need to make a change, it is easy to do so online in real-time. Choose Valpak as your local Rochester advertising company and we will help you meet your business goals through effective advertising.