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At Valpak of Rochester, we are committed to work together to find the best solution for each business.

Each of our team members contribute to the effort of the company as a whole, and are vital to our success. We have a great creative team, collaborating skills of graphic design, web design, social media marketing, and advertising. Our sales reps are great people to work with, dedicated to not only achieving results for their clients, but building quality relationships. At Valpak of Rochester, we understand that Valpak is about being a good neighbor and fostering a community. That starts right here in the workplace, and we carry those values with us whenever we walk out the front doors to visit a client or get involved. We open doors and ideas, and we're no longer just coupons.

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Business Leaders

chris jacobs ceo valpak rochester

Chris Jacobs

President CEO
35+ yrs with Valpak

kathleen jacobs partner valpak rochester

Kathleen Jacobs

25+ yrs with Valpak

marcia peters office manager valpak rochester

Marcia Peters

2016 Valpak National Office Manager of the Year!
22+ yrs with Valpak

Creative & Administration

elizabeth pawley graphic designer valpak rochester

Elizabeth Wilson

Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator
3 yrs with Valpak

Samantha Wexler graphic design valpak rochester

Samantha Wexler

Sales & Marketing Assistant
1 yr with Valpak

Catherine Mattis Marketing intern valpak rochester

Catherine Mattis

Marketing Intern
1 month with Valpak

Kayla Anderson Marketing intern valpak rochester

Kayla Anderson

Marketing Intern
1 month with Valpak


Business and Sales

sean jacobs sales rep valpak rochester

Sean Jacobs

Multimedia Sales Executive
4 yrs with Valpak

kelly hill sales rep valpak rochester

Kelly Hill

Multimedia Sales Executive
3 yrs with Valpak

Megan Van Ornum sales rep valpak rochester

Megan Van Ornum

Multimedia Sales Executive
2 month with Valpak