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Smart Envelope

Multi-Offer A/B Testing

valpak rochester sample new customer piecevalpak sample customer advertising

Valpak Rochester will create up to 4 versionsof an ad,then randomly distribute it among the envelopes to provide a statistically valid means to measure and determine the strongest or best offer. The offer with the greatest success can then be used in future mailings.

Customer Targeting

With a client supplied list, you can send highly targeted unique offers to existing customers, new customers, or reactivateprevious customers. For example: a customer upgrade offer is given to known customers, and an acquisition offer is given to all other households in the NTA.

Unique ID

A unique code and/or barcode is added to the ad to provide a means for the advertiser to control or limit to one redemption of an offer per customer.




Address Matchback

This capability enables advertisers to identify customers/responders by their Rochester, NY mailing address. The unique ID of each inserted piece is connected to each address and a file is simultaneously created which will be used after the advertiser’s campaign is completed.

The advertiser will provide a file of the redemptions which will be used to build a database for follow-up campaigns to further develop customer relationships.