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We drive Leads to your website through direct mail and digital media solutions. We can predict customer behavior depending on demographics, the time of year, and geographic location, which means we can get you the best return on your investment. Call for details 585-507-4200.

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We open the door to your customers. We know how to reach your home improvement customers and start the introductions that get them in the door. When targeted direct mail is combined with website and real-time tracking you will be able to see and measure results.



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Call for details: 585-507-4200

Traditional forms of advertising generate online actions from offline leads. Valpak's Direct Mail is a powerful form of advertising with a track record of generating leads. Track your leads online and offline by generating actions from traditional ads and measure the conversion of your leads.

All your campaigns in one easy place...Valpak's Real-Time Dashboard.

Don't let your leads slip through the cracks...Valpak has the solution. Keep track of all of your campaigns and measure their success all from one place - your dashboard. Here you can see real-time data of how well your ads are doing. Monitor your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), Google Analytics, Call Tracking, Display Ads, Email Marketing, AdWords and access the information behind it to evaluate the return on your investment. Keep track of your form-fills too and see which customers are asking about you.

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Are you tracking your consumer?

We help you track your consumers the whole way. Track their behavior from mail, to website, all the way to appointment and sale. Each action you track becomes an opportunity to market to them. Let them know you can meet their needs. 

Are you using targeted direct mail?

Using direct mail means people have all your information right at their fingertips in the form of physical mail. at Valpak, we can customize direct mail products to meet your marketing needs and reach the consumers you want. We have custom graphic design products which will make your ads stand out, as well as the experience and ability to target the specific audiences most likely to respond to your ads so that you get the most bang for your buck. 

We can target your audience based on household income, home age, location, and homeowner demographics. We'll make sure to start the conversation between you and the right consumers. 

Is your business searchable?

Are you using the right keywords to get your business found online? When people search for home improvement companies they are usually looking to solve a problem with their house or get an idea of how to acheive a plan. Your business can appear in search results and there you are presenting a solution to the need. We can help you optimize your website and generate rich keywords to help your company get the hits it is looking for. We are Google AdWords certified, which means we have the capabilities to help search engines find you.

If you don't have a website yet, don't worry. We can help. Valpak offers website design and customization services to make sure consumers not only find you, but are informed and intrigued by what you have to offer. We will work with you to create a great website to generate leads.

Do you use digital offers?

Having online coupons is important as well. Lots of people are searching the internet now from smart phones and tablets, instead of traditional computers. Having coupons online means they can easily save and access coupons right from their devices. Having a profile page on Valpak.com means thousands of homeowners and business owners can see your coupons and access them with the click of a button. Combining digital and direct mail coupons is a great way to reward your customers with more deals, and also draw new leads out who are investigating home improvement companies for their job. Customers can learn more about you by visiting your Valpak.com profile page too.

Is what you do clearly defined?

Do your marketing materials clearly define what your services are? Your services should be clearly listed on your website and direct mail campaigns. If you are a general contractor, say so. Defining yourself and your services lets your customers know if you can solve their problem. You want to be there meeting the need they have.

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