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See what Matt from America's Best Choice Windows has to say about Valpak.

Valpak's real-time tracking solution tracks the performance of your offers to calculate ROI and your cost of leads. We follow consumer actions from blue envelope offers & website visits to the sale conversion using our proprietary dashboard program. See our real-time dashboard.

We Are a Well-Oiled Machine.

We generate customers in the mail, online, & on the go.

Give Your Business a Lift with Valpak.

We are experienced in driving customers to home improvement businesses in the Rochester, NY market. We can predict customer behavior depending on demographics, the time of year, and geographic location, which means we can get you the best return on your investment. Call for details 585-507-4200.

Free Mailing!

Save on your mailing with Valpak.

Get 50,000 homes free!


And here's how we do it:

  • Each Direct Mail piece is custom designed to fit your specific needs to cause the consumer to act. Direct Mail
  • With Google AdWords, we can custom create your keyword program to attract interested consumers to your site. Digital Options
  • Targeted Display, custom-built profile based on your established client demographics, i.e. Home Value, Home Age, and Household Income. Audience Targeting
  • Social Media, we establish and maintain your social media pages including posts, promotions, contests, and events. Social Media Management

Some of our clients:

Valpak can help you build your home improvement business’ customer base. Planning a new advertising campaign? Since we generate new leads for your business then consider Valpak your home improvement customer lead generator. We have already helped many home improvement business to grow and we can do the same for you!

Blue Envelope

Here at Valpak, we are well-known for our blue envelope full of B2B and B2C advertising. Our home improvement clients have seen marked success when they mail in our envelope. We have a proven track record in both mail and digital marketing, and our lead generation services are second to none. We send out our famous blue envelope to anywhere from 10,000 to 150,000 homes here in the Rochester, NY area. We also offer digital coupon solutions to thousands of mobile users. Anyone with an Android, Apple, Blackberry, or Windows phone can access local discounts easily.

Affordable Solution

It can sometimes cost a small fortune to try and launch a marketing campaign by yourself. Using Valpak as your customer lead generator saves you time, money and stress. We are the experts at targeted ads and qualified phone lead generation. We can immediately offer you access to thousands of homeowners across Rochester and help you tailor your campaign to create the maximum leads in the area. The best part is, we keep the lead cost low. 


If you use Valpak to generate leads for your home improvement business, then you will appear on our mobile app, in our online coupon section, and in the famous blue envelope. Our targeted lead generation will ensure quality leads and high conversion success because you will only be marketing to those consumers best predicted to convert. This helps your business grow and expands your reach. See our Rochester, NY mailing zones.

Valpak has already helped companies such as Wonder Windows, Five Star Home Improvement, Patio Enclosures and more. Whether your business is already well established, or just starting out; Valpak’s digital and direct mail marketing approach is proven to work for businesses of all sizes. See our Success Stories to see how our cross-marketing strategy has helped companies like yours. We’ll help your business get the leads you want with our direct mail and digital products.

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