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We are experienced in driving customers to restaurants in the Rochester, NY market. From indoor dining, to outdoor patios, we fill your seats! We can predict customer behavior depending on demographics, the time of year, and geographic location, which means we can get you the best return on your investment. Call for details 585-507-4200.

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While your company may be unique, it is still one of many in Rochester, NY. The diverse Rochester market means that your business can stand out. We know how to reach your target audience by putting together the whole package. Targeted direct mail advertising combined with your optimized website and social media management creates a powerful presence for your business. We start the introductions that get consumers in the door. 

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Valpak Rochester is a member of the Restaurant Association.


Are you using targeted direct mail?

Direct mail gets your take-out menu, advertisement, offers, and more in the hands of your consumers. Generating leads in the mail is easy with Valpak. We have our blue envelope that goes out monthly which could include your promotion, or your take-out menu. Targeting your customers by their location ensures that your ads are relevant. If your company is on the East side of Rochester, then those are the people with whom you can generate the biggest return on your investment. We have the ability to target your consumers wherever they are in Rochester. Learn more about our direct mail products.

Do you offer online ordering?

Online ordering is a great way for your customers to easily access your menu and place orders. It frees up your phone line and your customers won't get a busy signal when they call in. That's a win-win. Online ordering totals also tend to be higher than orders taken in person or over the phone.

Are you using coupon codes to track results?

Using coupons codes is a great way to keep track of how many people are redeeming your coupon. It also shows you how successfully your ad did. If you include offers for a discount on online ordering in your ad and put a coupon code with it, you will not only give your customers an incentive to order online, but you give yourself a tool to measure success. High coupon redemptions mean your ad was effective. You get access to all of the data tracking in order to plan your next marketing moves.

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All of your Campaigns in one easy place.

Track your consumers' actions and market to them each step of the way. We help you track them from the mail, to your website, to booking the reservation. Learn more about Dashboards.

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