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Whiter Teeth and a Whitelist Company

No, we're not the tooth fairy. But we do deliver teeth to you by bringing customers to your dentist chair.

Advertising you can measure

We Are a Well-Oiled Machine.

We generate customers in the mail, online, & on the go.

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Here's what Matthew, Owner of Field Family Dentistry, has to say about advertising with us:


"Because if you’re so confident in the product that you’re putting out there, why not have a new way to bring new patients into your office?
I would absolutely recommend the use of Valpak to other users."

Here's Something to Sink Your Teeth Into!

Buy 20,000 Homes,

Get 20,000 Homes


With agreement. Deal expires 12/31/19.



Dentist companies that advertise locally with Valpak show great ROI for their marketing dollars. We offer layered, targeted advertising in Rochester, NY that combats the friction most consumers experience when encountering advertising efforts. We work with your dental practice to develop an advertising plan that works best for you with your goals and budget. Then, we put it into action and carefully measure your results. This way, we can make changes to the strategy as we monitor your real-time data of advertising performance if anything needs to be changed. Our advertising services include targeted direct mail, social media management, website design, display advertising, call tracking and more. All of these efforts can then be implemented into our dashboard so you can see how effective your marketing efforts are and adjust accordingly. 

More patients in your chair

See our mailing schedule for upcoming mail dates. When you get a new customer in your chair you have a good chance of developing that customer into a loyal customer for years. That means repeated revenue, which means each new customer is vital to your business. We deliver those customers to you. Dental patients are recommended to visit at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups. With each new patient you can make a difference in their life and keep them coming back. 

Smiles are Important

Reach a variety of demographics with our mailing and remind your patients about specific dental conditions to watch out for like gum disease, gingivitis, cavities and more. reach more of Rochester, NY and let consumers know when your practice is having specials or offering discounts. Children tend to visit the dentist more regularly, so reminding the parents about dental check ups or offering a discount on new patients is a potential good way to bring in business.


We mail monthly anywhere from 10,000 - 100,000 home depending on how many homes you want to specifically target and which mailing zones you want to cover.

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