Valpak has introduced its advertising, call, website, social media such as Facebook, Google Adwords, Google analytics tracking and real time dashboards to give the live ROI results on your home improvement business, auto repair, retail store and restaurant or any other industry type businesses. Your business will also be able to keep an eye on various advertising statistics from one complete dashboard of your company. There is no need for you to navigate through browser windows and monitor each of the online marketing channels.

In addition, an organized and clear view of the real time updates for campaigns will also be viewed in just one window. You will also be seeing instant results from the direct mail ads that have worked well. You will also find your life a lot easier when it comes to managing your business.  Taking the guesswork out of where to spend your local advertising dollars.

All results and costs are just in one place. Through our dashboards, hundreds to thousands of marketers will now get a better understanding prior to allocating their next direct marketing budget. Valpak will also help them make the most of their money to identify the channels and advertising data that will bring value and revenue to your business.

Initially Valpak introduced dashboards to be able to monitor the ROI results on the advertising dollars invested for home improvement and restaurants. We then expanded to a variety of different industries with the foundation and goals being the same.  We have taken the guesswork out of marketing decision making and we have enabled our clients to view the dollars spent in real time tracking.   The consumer will be tracked either visiting websites, social channels used, or calling tracking from an ad they have viewed in the mail, online or on their mobile phone.  We will ensure to you that the advertising dollars spent  will work for all different  types businesses or marketing channels.

Be innovative in business marketing through our Advertising and Call and Website Tracking and Dashboards. This will most certainly bring immediate changes in your strategies and performance. Call us now 585-586-6410 or link and see how we will be able to manage your platforms in just a single dashboard!

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