Direct mail might seem like a dying business, but in reality, this type of marketing can benefit your local business in more ways than not.  Unlike digital marketing, direct mail has the ability to target extremely specific groups of people using geographic and demographic techniques.  Yes, digital marketing might be able to target specific groups using similar techniques, but it also comes with loads of data, and it isn’t guaranteed your target market will see the ad or engage.   Meanwhile, direct mail is just that.  You are directly reaching the market – the consumer has to physically pick up the brochure, ad or coupon.  At Valpak, we have the resources and the staff to find the areas and people you want to reach, all we need is the who and we will compile the list.  With our resources we are able to target the demographics and geographic areas that will benefit your company, while targeting high value zip codes, so your business is not wasting its time marketing to consumers who would never purchase.  Our digital team can then go in and create engaging designs to intrigue your target market encouraging a purchase while building a relationship.

Ok, well, how might direct mail encourage a purchase then?

As previously mentioned, direct mail is direct, meaning consumers interact when they pick up the mail and engage with it.  Emails and our social media feeds are flooded with information.  Every minute, we send and receive new information, which can make engagement with a local business’s digital ad less likely to occur.  As fewer items of direct mail reach the consumers’ mailboxes, as opposed to an almost overwhelming amount of emails, they are more likely they are to see your direct mail.  In turn, the more likely they are to act and purchase. 

With that, direct mail is associated with higher trust among consumers.  Customers tend to be skeptical of online deals and emails, often thinking they are scams.  However, direct mail is more personable and trustworthy getting response rates 5x larger than that of email.  Now, this isn’t to say email isn’t important because if you combine the two the response rates are even higher, but it is important to understand the high engagement rates that comes with direct mail.  Using multiple channels in your campaign means the better chance you have of reaching customers and creating that long-lasting relationship. 

And believe it or not, but direct mail can also encourage engagement online.

 People still care about what businesses are doing online.  They want to see the posts on Facebook, the reviews and the online conversation.  By sending direct mail, businesses can encourage interaction online.  For example, direct mail designs can include QR codes to digital media channels.  This is a multichannel marketing strategy and it increases the likelihood that consumers will stay with you, eventually becoming loyal customers.

Valpak has worked with varying local businesses to boost sales and customer engagement using direct mail.  Although located in Rochester, NY, Valpak Rochester has worked with local businesses all over the country, including Virginia, Florida and Tennessee, to name a few.  Here are some companies we have worked with:

  • Speedy’s Dry Cleaning
  • Papa Turney’s BBQ
  • Stanley Steemer
  • McArdle’s
  • Sleep City of Rochester
  • Foot Performance Center
  • Healing Hands Wellness Studio
  • Dragon Palace Rochester
  • Indoor Air Technologies
  • Custom Built Deck and Fence
  • Mesquite Grill
  • Everdry Basement Water Proofing
  • Red Sun Chinese Cuisine
  • 13thirty Cancer Connect
  • Ken’s Pizza Corner
  • Universal Property Construction
  • The Ski Company
  • Vanguard Glass Block of CNY
  • Sogo Sushi and Hibachi
  • Monte Alban Mexican Grill
  • Hawkeye Glass Block and Basement Solutions
  • Lisa’s Liquor Barn
  • Chuckster’s Vestal
  • Bistro at the Commons
  • Roc City Furniture
  • Nichols Electric and Plumbing
  • Umi Japanese Steakhouse Sushi and Bar
  • Browncroft Service Center
  • Castaways on the Lake
  • Wonder Windows