Social Media Marketing is On the Rise

Social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. It is one of the leading advertising trends. Valpak of Rochester can help you manage your social media accounts, guiding you in what to post and when. If you have an event coming up we can help you spread the word. If you are launching a new product we can help you reach your audience and capture their attention. Hoping to advertise a new service? We can help you there too. It can be overwhelming to monitor all your accounts, especially if you are a small company. Let us manage your social media - we will be happy to lend our expertise!

Advertising on social media is getting easier too. More and more social media platforms are recognizing the potential in advertising on some of the most popular sites online today. Sites like Facebook are also developing the ability to promote posts and integrate paid advertising strategies. Facebook in particular has started creating business profiles to manage your accounts. You can go in and promote your posts by boosting your audience reach through custom targeted audiences, including factors such as location, age, and interests. This targeted advertising saves money because your audience is selected based on how relevant your ad will be to them so you can best allocate your budget. You can set start and end times for your ad campaign to run and track conversions. Find out who your leads are, if certain people are always interested in your posts or engaging with you online. Valpak of Rochester can help you manage your social media accounts and plan the best advertising for you on these vital channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Instagram has recently announced the ability to promote your posts now. Increase your sales with some great product shots and easy ways to buy. Don’t make your consumers jump through hoops to find you and your products or services. Provide a convenient way for them to take action with little effort required. People’s attention spans on mobile devices are increasingly short, so they will not spend a long time looking at your ad. It has to grab them quick and pull them in. Your ads should be simple, to the point, and clearly communicate how to accomplish the desired action. Instagram in particular capitalizes on the advertising trend of lifestyle content. People love a good story. Pictures are a great story-telling device and they work well when communicating clearly, and can help establish your brand.

Having a great web presence is key to establishing credibility with your audience. If people can find your website, and your website is great, then they will get a sense of knowing you are a real business, and because you are online you will seem more legitimate. There is a record of you outside of your physical location. Taking that further, having social media accounts shows that you also have some degree of recorded interaction with your customers. Other people know about you. Social media can be an open dialogue between businesses and consumers, and your legitimacy will increase furthermore through your presence on social media platforms. Rochester, NY is home to several small local businesses that can boost their audience awareness on social media, even if they can’t afford a website of their own. Valpak can help start the conversation about your business.

We will work with you to discover what is important to you about your business and what sets you apart. We will work with you to learn more about your audience and your customers. Since people are becoming increasingly mobile-driven, they can have their social media accounts right at their fingertips anytime they want. With their eyes on the screen, the frequency of them seeing your ads will increase if the ads are in the right place. Instead of making them go to you, you can reach them on the platforms where they are spending their time.

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