Are you looking to re-do your roof? Think carefully about your home improvement needs before rushing into a roof job. Valpak of Rochester has connections to roofing contractors and deals to help you save on your next roof job. Carefully selecting the best roofing option for your home is essential. It goes far beyond just the color and style of your shingles. There is a variety of materials to choose from when re-doing your roof. This includes metal roofing, asphalt shingles, wood shingles, and single ply roofing. A proper and well-installed roof will prevent leaks and protect your home from the elements.

Many steps are involved with installing a new roof. It is good to have insulation in your attic near your roof. This will help prevent heat from escaping out through the roof. Then, a roof structure must be in place. Trusses (or rafters) provide frame work and structure for your roof. After the framework there is a first layer of protection that goes underneath the visible shingles. This sheathing layer can be comprised of sheet material such as plywood. This layer is then coated with one more layer before the surface roof covering is applied. This second layer of protective material is referred to as the underlayment. This could consist of tar paper, felt, and other construction products. The last layer is the one commonly known as shingles, which involves the layering of tiles or shingles on a roof to facilitate water run off instead of pooling. This is essentially the third layer of your home’s barrier against water leakage and complications. Ask your contractor about the right protection for your roof joints as well. Damage and leaks can result from a roof joint that is not properly fitted or joined.

One of the most popular styles of roofing is to have a gable roof. This is where both planes of the roof structure come up and toward one another meeting at a climactic peak, the pitch of which is determined by the angle of the gables (the triangular part on the sides). A roof with a low pitch will collect snow and water more easily as it moves more slowly to the edge of the roof. Good pitch ensures that water is conveniently redirected off the roof itself. Gutters assist with this too. When the water runs off the roof, it will fall into the Gutter, which further directs it neatly to the ground instead of falling over the edge like a waterfall.

Rochester, NY is known for its brutal Winters and unpredictable weather. Being prepared is very important. This past 2015 Winter, snow was piling up higher and higher on top of many roofs. Preventing ice damming in the Winter weather and preventing snow build up is important to maintain the quality of your roof and prevent ceiling leaks inside your home.

Many roofing contractors will be able to remove ice dams once they form. Having a professional do it ensures the safety of your home and protection of your roof (as well as your own safety). Roof shingles can be damaged by ice damming, and also trying to remove it yourself. Taking care of this problem early is important to prevent even worse consequences of ice and snow build up such as a collapsed roof.

Shingles come in a variety of colors that you can choose from. These colors can range from shades of blue to gray, brown, and even red or green. You can find one that will match your home’s exterior and add to the general facade. Valpak of Rochester can help connect you with deals and local roofing contractors.