A consumer waits in a check out line at a retail store with an object in hand. As she approaches the register, she thinks about the money the object will cost her and it occurs to her that there might be a way to get a discount on her purchase. She has found online coupons at other stores and has saved in the past, so why not try it now? She pulls out her phone and goes to the store’s website looking for coupons to use at the register. In this case, your website is the answer to her problem, offering her help when she needs it. What will she see when she gets to your site? It is essential to have a website that has a responsive design so that it will easily adapt to the consumer’s device. If the consumer has to zoom way in and find the right button because only your desktop site will load, that loses time and becomes an inconvenience. Instead, your ad should meet the consumer’s need in an easy, accessible way. Responsive web design allows for simpler, and better organization for the on-the-go consumer.

Mobile Responsive Website

A responsive design for mobile-friendly coupons makes a great sales advantage

Perhaps our consumer in this scenario does a simple internet search for the store name with the word “coupons” after it. If your company does business with Valpak of Rochester, our site will come up with offers she can redeem in store. She could have looked for coupons at home on her computer and then printed them off, but maybe she hadn’t planned to stop there that day.

Your advertising efforts are at a disadvantage if you cannot capitalize on these consumer-need moments. If the consumer cannot access your coupons when it really matters, when they are about to redeem them, then many opportunities are missed. Designing your site to be effective on a variety of devices means your ads and offers will be accessible to far more people because of it’s immediate nature. People can carry your ads with them without having to print them off ahead of time. It puts you in their fingertips. If people have the opportunity to save right then on a purchase, they will generally take it. Valpakrochester.com is essentially an online version of our blue envelope. There you can find a variety of coupons. People trust us because we are known for our savings and discounts. Our website is responsive to mobile devices so that our client’s advertisements can be accessed wherever, whenever.

Is your business making the most of mobile advertising? Some ads are location based and will appear on the mobile device when a customer is in proximity to the business where they can be redeemed. This could be an added incentive for the consumer to visit your business. The prospect of saving is an important motivator.

Another way to reach your consumers is through email ads. Most smart phones allow the consumer access to their email. People can be on a mailing list now for both print and email. Coupons can show up in a consumer’s inbox to be easily accessed on their mobile device. Sometimes they will have to visit your site from the email (which is a conversion) in order to access the coupons. This is where you can reach them in other ways too by advertising a big sale or service on your mobile site’s homepage. They will see this when they get there and may navigate around your site even more.

Mobile sites utilizing responsive web design for online advertising are a big marketing trend and a huge resource for your business. Fast-paced digital marketing is something your company can implement to effectively increase sales. Sometimes the coupon and savings alone are an incentive to spend. Valpak of Rochester can help guide your business in mobile advertising.