There are a variety of ways to bring direct marketing to the consumer. As a company learning to think like the consumer, direct mail advertising is an important umbrella term that incorporates several key methods or reaching the consumer directly. One of the main ways Valpak of Rochester started their B2C advertising was print mailing through the US Postal Service. Coupons go out in our famous blue envelope right to the consumer’s doorstep. The reach is determined by regions of Rochester and the surrounding areas, and stays local regarding relative distance from the business that is advertising. This way the business will only market themselves to consumers for whom they are relevant. Along with our standard ad size, we have a variety of other print options for marketing materials such as every door postcards, flyers, brochures, and even menus. Printed marketing materials sent through the mail are great because they put physical objects into the home of the consumer. Something to open, take out, unfold, touch, and look at.

Nowadays though, as digital advertising and marketing are skyrocketing, direct mail alone through print is not enough to reach the consumer. When coupled with a digital marketing campaign, success rates are very high. Think about it: when the consumer opens their envelope or flyer, what are they going to do to learn more about the company? They may call the number, go online to the website, or visit the location. Businesses can capitalize on this. Valpak of Rochester offers call-tracking, which links with the printed ad itself to tell the business the conversion rate of their advertising. The number on the mailing ensures that the people calling in are likely calling about the offer or to learn more about redeeming the coupon. This brings the business in direct contact with the consumer again so that they have the opportunity to help them reach the answers they are seeking. This type of coupling between print and call-tracking is responsive.

Another option Valpak offers is the creation and management of micro-sites. When the consumer opens their mail and sees an ad, in addition to calling, they might visit the website listed. This is another conversion. The consumer has performed the desired action of visiting the site, where they can learn more about the company and other offers they might be running. It also tells the business that the ad has worked. These sites, and the call tracking make sure the business is getting all the bang for their buck. Then they know where to better direct their efforts as a marketing company.

Social Media with direct mail is an important factor to consider as well. Any direct mail materials can include Facebook contact information, along with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platforms the company uses. This tells the consumer they can visit the social media to get a more human interaction with the company. Social media closes the gap between consumer and company by bringing them into direct contact. Consumers can visit the page and contact the company with questions or concerns. The company as well can reach out to all of it’s fans for a product launch or any announcements. These sites can be tracked as well through insights which monitor the page. You can see what kind of posts are successful as well as to what demographic, and what time of day is best to post for maximum results. Social media campaigns are also an option, which allows specific posts to be promoted and appear at the top of the page. It will be available to more people at one time.  Additionally, advertising between platforms is very convenient. You can post something to your Pinterest page and then share it to Facebook, so that fans or followers of both can see and are informed of your existence on other platforms. They may then visit the other social media pages and it increases the potential for conversion. Valpak can help you manage your Facebook account and guide your social media decisions.

Valpak of Rochester has recently started running political ad campaigns as well. If you’re running for office we can help spread awareness of your qualifications as a candidate. These can be in many forms. An ad could appear in our blue envelope; a flyer could be sent out; a brochure, etc. We will work with your spokesperson or media reps and come up with the best possible solution to promote you as a candidate.

Valpak of Rochester, NY looks forward to working with you to find the perfect direct mail solutions for your company.