Combining advertising strategies is a smart way to market your business. One example of this would be to partner two successful methods of advertising. It’s especially effective when the second method is actually a way to track the success of the first. Call tracking is a huge resource for businesses to be proactive. It involves placing unique call numbers on advertisements to draw a link between the caller and the ad that influenced the conversion. It can be an enormous marketing advantage.

call trackingAdditionally, direct mail print is a great way to advertise your business and the offers you are promoting. It puts your coupon in the hands of the consumer and allows it to be carried with them when they go out to use it. When the consumer opens our Valpak of Rochester blue envelope and sees our offers inside, they might find an ad from your company. The direct mail insert can include information about how to contact your business which could include…you guessed it…the call tracking number. They can then do several things. Go to your company and redeem the offer, visit your company website, do a Google search, or call your company. The unique call tracking number ensures that if they call that line, that they got that number from the ad. Then you know that the desired behavior was a direct result of the ad’s success, and can keep track of this in your next advertising budget. This number may be used on the marketing materials instead of your actual company number for the sole purpose of tracking which ad influenced the call. Your actual number would be displayed elsewhere such as on your website, or on business collateral you do not wish to track.

Combining call tracking with direct mail can give valuable insight into the effectiveness of an ad campaign, and help your company better understand how to allocate your finances. As we enter 2016, your business can implement call tracking to properly manage your advertising budget. You will be able to record a statistical analysis of which ads were the most successful in leading conversions. You can then decide to mail more of a specific type of ad or marketing hand out if its success was high during a period of time. While it may be difficult with direct mail print to control an ad once it is mailed to the Rochester, NY area (versus online where you can simply edit the ad), you can learn through call tracking what to do better next time. Learn how to get the most results for your dollar and determine ROI.

At Valpak of Rochester we can help you be proactive about figuring out the best direction for your marketing efforts, and prevent your company from losing time guessing what works. Instead, we’ll help you choose something that’s proven to work based on the data records provided by call tracking. You’ll be able to see the results for yourself - don’t just take our word for it (though our word is pretty good).